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Committed to creating a one-stop procurement service for high-quality consumer electronics products.

The main business involves mobile phone accessories, consumer electronics, smart home, beauty and personal care products, etc., through the establishment of a systematic supply chain management system and a professional sales service team to meet the needs of global customers
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Durability We build rugged and reliable products; buy it once, buy it right.
Resourcefulness We are minimalist, always striving to do more, with less.
Is the consumer electronics industry just for ease, access and speed? People buy technology to make life easier. Now most of our electronic products are portable, wearable, networked, and even social. The house facilities and household appliances we use for work and entertainment can all run on software.

Now, the consumer electronics market has a real global influence. Its application goes beyond the general situation and effectively affects the economic status of individuals and small businesses. People have gained greater power in unprecedented ways, allowing them to go further, sell more, work faster, and get more information.

But again, all of these require consumer electronics companies to comply with green and safety regulations. Make the user interface more intuitive. Customer service is easier, more proactive, and more predictable.
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We are committed to electronic products. We hope to promote the development of electronic products and make mobile phones a part of our world. Our company has been established for 5 years. We have expanded our business to the United States, Australia and Asia. We provide B2B, B2C and consulting services to customers, buyers and partners. All our products are certified, and quality and safety are isolated. ZZYD is exported to more than 82 countries and cooperates with thousands of companies in different countries. In addition, ZZYD is developing its solar charging technology to adapt solar charging to our daily lives. Our consulting services provide customers with suggestions to help them create solar energy environments in homes, offices, restaurants and other places.
Technology Development
Technology Development
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Wireless Trend
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ZZYD Products